What I like about Heather is that she understands that the message is as important as the graphics and knows how to weave them together expertly.  Heather helped us through the rebrand and was able to align even the most diverse perspectives. I trust her with all my graphic design needs.

~ Steven Crossland

Heather is super responsive. She has all of my artwork and can pull it up whenever we need to revisit a piece. I really appreciate the attention to detail and the writing. Heather is great with suggesting key changes. With her years of design experience, I trust her perspective on good design and her ability to guide the process.

~ Susan DeCoste

Heather is a top-notch designer, up on the latest trends.  I trust her completely with my projects, no matter how small or complex.

~ Patricia Forgey

Heather designed my book cover and I get so many compliments on it. She shared her screen and I was impressed that she could work while I was watching. This way we came up with exactly what I wanted!  Heather has such a wonderful artistic eye and I love her creations. I’m always happy to work with her.

~ Barbara Hanneloré